This page shows the uniform you get for each rank.  Some ranks can wear anything.

Ape knight king= monkey king mask and furry feet with a golden puffle armor.

Ape knights= the same except for they have a mask.

wanted penguin chaser= sports mask, a mc Fury black suit, any neck item, and a robber hat

Soldier= You wear any evil costume that comes in the Avengers party.

lord/boss/leader/krikat101= wears anything.

evil police= a police costume with a scuba tank and an eye patch.

fun maker= wear a clown suit

president= wear a complete dark or a complete white suit or blackand white suit.  Also wear black shades, black or white shoes, and black hair.

mayor= wear nothing but a forest background and a red hat.

governer= black armor, an evil mask, a crown, and a black hat.

Secretary= bunny ears, a tee shirt, and a whistle.

SEW advertiser and video maker= a hat, a camera, and any working shirt.

That is all.  If you don have one of these things jut use something like tem and if you dont have anything like it then just put something black r white there.  Just remember, the blck stands for our evilness and the white stands for freedom we hope to get.  ecaus right now we are treated like toys to pretend fighting with.


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