SEW moderators

This is the moderator page! this has a list of moderators of SEW, how you can be a SEW moderator, and why you would want to be an SEW moderator.  Well first things first.  We now give you the list of SEW moderators:




Why would we want to be a SEW moderator?

What!?! you dont know? well, its not like moderators of clubpenguin.  Well ours is on clubpenguin but its not the way you think.  When your a SEW moderator your name gets posted, we get everybody to know you, you will have a very special rank, and you might even get your very own… ta da! penguin tracker!

How to be a SEW moderator

you must fill out a form, be kind to others (in an evil way) , answer questions from other SEW members and come to this site daily.

1) whats your penguin name?

2) are you a club penguin moderator?

3) are you a member?

4) Are you already a SEW member?

5) write the answers in the comments section and yo will get an email from which is lord kriskat101.  You might not get to be one.  Make sure to come daily and be kind (in an evil way)

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