Ranks and Branches

Ranks when there is a nb next to a rank it means you dont get a branch with it.

Assasin nb = you dont want to be an assasin.  That would be going against SEW.  You would be trying to take kriskat101s spot.  Its bad.  Dont be one! If you fail to do it you would be a number 1# wanted penguin and you would be banned, attacked, unliked, and an apology will neve be excepted.  Dont be one! Its a bad idea and nobody would ever follow your instructions even if you did take over his spot.

Ape king= you are the leader of the ape knights.  You are like a real mad gorilla in the movie “planet Of The Apes”.

Ape knights= this is for members only.  You are apes and you fight like the soldiers in a mad gorrilla way.

Wanted penguin chaser= you chase all of the wanted penguuins.

Soldier= you fight in the battles and wars.

lord/boss/master/ kriskat101= the one that made and leads all of the team.  Even leaders.

evil police= you do exactly what a police does but be evil, dont arrest bad guys only superheros, and you may attack.

fun maker nb= you try to plan lots of fun things to do.

President nb= you are a leader of all that dont fight.

Mayor nb= you are the leader of the HQ

Government nb= you are the leader of everything but kriskat101

Secretary nb= you do whatever the mayor/governor/president tells you t do and you stay at the HQ

SEW advertiser and video maker nb= you make recruitment videos, videos about SEW, and other SEW things.

If your not happy with your rank then contact kriskat101.  Note that when you want a different rank, you must wait till we have someone to take your place.  Srry :-(.


Marines= you fight on top of things.

sky fighters= you fight in the sky.  Stay off ground.

soldiers= you fight with your feet on the ground but dont go underground.

Base protector= you pretect the HQ and capital server.

undergrounders= you fight underground like: in the mie, underground lake, and the pool.

Navy= you are js a regular soldier/ fighter.


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