To join, you must answer these questions in the comments section.  Remember that if you go against us after you joined or gave us destruction you will be known as a wanted penguin.  You will be our weapons target.

1] what is your penguins name?

2] what is your email?

3] will you come to meetings and practises?

4] have you been in other teams? if so what rank and how much expierience?

5] will you be loyal to your master and  teammates?

6] Do you like EPF?

7] are you okay with helping Herbert?


2 responses to “join

  1. 1] lightvader
    3] sometimes. I will try to.
    4] EPF and CPP. But i only go to EPF to steal there information.
    5] yeah
    6] No. I dont even do it.
    7] yeah. yeah.

  2. 1) pink crook
    3) maybe
    4) no.
    5) yes.
    6) I dont know what it is.
    7) I dont know what it is.
    P.S. I dont know this stuff because I havent activated my account yet.

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