Government and president constitution, information, and more

President/Government Laws

1) You must do whatever the Government/president tells you to

2) They can kick out anybody that is doing something that is very wrong.  But when they do that, We meet at the HQ to see if hes guilty.

3) They are one of the most important penguins.  Protect them with your tiny penguin lives.

4) Remember that we are all evil.  So treat them like it or you might be a wanted penguin. :-(.

5) do not ever be a assasen.  Only to othe teams.

6) They should get whatever they want.  Usually the secretary has to do that part when they are in the HQ.

7) kriskat101 should be treated just the same.  He is like Government and president mixed together.

8) Never say to them: can I be the new Governer/president.

That is all



There is not a certain amount of time that we have a Governer/president.  We just keep them until we think its time for someone different.  However, you might be the next one.  You would get a secretary, you would get to live in the HQ/ evil white house,  you would have complete control, and more! we would all meet at the HQ/ evil white house and see what each penguin who wanted to be it was worthy to do if they were it.  kriskat101 would choose who is Government and who is president.  Now dont think you would be like a supreme overlord.  Though you would be like a king.  When you are trying to tell us what you would be worthy to do for SEW you cant pretend or lie that yu would do it.  You would have to prove it.  Remember that if you dont show up for the election ceremony to see who is picked, you cant even get a chance of being picked.


Try in the elections:

You can join on this page.  You have a chance of being it.  To try out for it just fill out this form.  May the lucky penguin win.  Remember to visit the site daily to see if you might win.  Answer this form with the comments section.  Good luck! 🙂 ^_^

1) What is your penguin name?

2) what is your email?

3) would you rather be president or Governer?

4) What would you be worthy to do for your fellow SEWs?

5) Will you treat your fellow SEWs with respect even though they will be like your personal servents?

6) Have you been governor or president in any other teams?

7) How long have you been on SEW and how much expierienced of a sew member?

8) on clubpenguin are you a memeber?

9) Are you brave enough to give big speeches upon every single SEW member?

10) Will you be able to attend the ceremony?


Right now our governor is…

we do not have one yet

Right now our president is…



One response to “Government and president constitution, information, and more

  1. 1) lightvader
    3) Mayor
    4) take them to the pizza parlor on breaks
    5) Ya, ya
    6) Ok, yes, yes, yes yes yes yes.
    7) I am not expierienced but ive been on ever since it was created.
    8) no.
    9) ya!
    10) maybe.

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